If you regularly grind your teeth at night, your smile can take significant damage over time. This may require restorations to bring your smile back to full health. To prevent this type of damage, our dentist can help fit you with a night guard. Call Monroe Family Dental today at 318-699-0101 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Daniel Sharbono and get your own night guard in Monroe, Louisiana.

A night guard is a special mouth guard designed to protect your teeth from bruxism, or teeth grinding. Teeth grinding can cause damage to your smile over time, so if our dentist and team suspect you suffer from bruxism, they may recommend a night guard to protect your smile. Many people are unaware of whether they suffer from teeth grinding, as it occurs at night while they sleep. If you are suffering from bruxism, you may be experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Chronic jaw, ear or facial pain
  • Waking up with a tired or tight feeling in your jaw
  • Tension headaches and migraines
  • Severe tooth wear that leads to chipped, cracked or flattened teeth
  • Worn down tooth enamel, revealing the inner layers of the tooth
  • Indentations on the side of the tongue
  • Tooth sensitivity

If you suspect you are suffering from bruxism, we recommend you visit our dentist for your very own custom-made night guard. Your night guard will be designed to fit comfortably and effectively protect your teeth from damage, ensuring the lasting health of your smile. To learn more about night guards and how they protect your smile from the negative effects of teeth grinding, we encourage you to contact us today!